About Us

2Polyglot is a new website which was created to bring translators, copywriters, guides and tutors into one platform. The main idea of the project is to make freelancing easier and more effective for translators and others who work with foreign languages. Registered users will have four optional tabs (Translator, Copywriter, Guide and Tutor) where they can fill in the boxes with basic info, upload their portfolios with translations, unique texts, photos, certificates and other supporting documents. Copywriters will have an extra SHOP option to upload their unique texts for customers to browse and purchase. For copyright protection, all texts will only have an extract of 30 words available for free browsing.

2Polyglot was created for easy and effective work for both Lingualancers and Customers. The project team has developed very user-friendly website design with handy info boxes. It will take a Customer only 10 seconds to fully browse and evaluate a Lingualancer’s profile. There is also a special SAFE DEAL option created for quality control of orders. All monies will be withheld before Customer’s confirmation of an order completion. In case of a failed order all monies will be reimbursed. 2Polyglot also developed a system of order evaluation and profile ranking. The platform will be a great advantage for young lingualancers who will have a chance to earn high profile rankings under equal conditions with experienced professionals.

2Polyglot will run in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Ukraininan, Polish and Chinese. The platform will keep being free of charge after the launch.
The 2Polyglot team includes experienced linguists and translators whose main goal is to create a perfect system for effective work in the translations field.

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