19 Dec
Foreign Language?... I Want to Learn It!

Do you want to speak foreign languages? Then you’ve come to the right place! Useful ideas, links to free educational sites and programs will help you reveal the secrets of polyglots.

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27 Oct
API: How to Extend the Range of Your Services and Grow Your Business on Your Web Resource

Find out how to increase the loyalty of your current and new customers and increase your income. Information technologies offer new ways to make a profitable collaboration.

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17 Oct
Private Translation and Copywriting Team – an affordable solution that will make your business easier

Time is a valuable resource. We've created a functional system for those who value their time, so they can get high-quality content or its translation in more than 90 languages spoken all over the world.

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10 Aug
Content Marketing: Sources of Quality Content and Everything You Need to Know About Website Content

Let's take a look at the important points about quality content, what you may need, what you must have and where you can get it, and we'll also talk about possible solutions of the problem.

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11 Jul
App Localization: Challenges, Costs and Ways to Get Your App Localized

Learn about challenges the translation specialists are facing every day, and also how to avoid mistakes while adapting the content to the new target audience, the costs of localization and where and how you can order it.

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18 Apr
7-th International Translation Forum in Russia

Be updated where, when and what to expect during one of the largest events for professionals of translation domain and 4 main reasons why you should attend.

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24 Mar
Polyglot in a Freelance Market: the First Year!

A number of freelancers in the language field is constantly growing. Lingualancers do have perspectives for growth. On 24 March 2016 it has been one year since their specialized online platform 2Polyglot launched!

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29 Feb
2Polyglot Provides a Free English Course by Mikhail Shestov

“Language learning with a Polyglot” – we represent you an English language course developed by experienced teacher-enlightener, international journalist, linguist and polyglot who speaks in seven languages at a fluent level.

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22 Feb
Learning English for Free is Now Possible with 2Polyglot!

Announcement! The project “Language learning with a Polyglot” represents free foreign language video courses from polyglots, linguists and leading specialists in the field of teaching languages.

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1 Feb
How Important Languages are in Emigration Abroad

Employment is the key reason why people move permanently to another country. It is not so easy to find a job abroad, however, language proficiency substantially simplifies the job seeking process.

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