5 Books That Will Make You a Copywriter

Post Date: 18 Jan
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Copywriting is one of the most popular careers nowadays. It will stay relevant for many years because today all companies, enterprises, stores and service representatives try to promote their business online in order to expand their audiences.


Every day we have new websites, online catalogues and online stores that should be filled with interesting information, descriptions and promos. Copywriters can help with that because they create textual content.


It should be noted that this job is very convenient because you decide how many orders you want to work on and you can manage your working time. Besides that, you can freelance from anywhere in the world. So, wherever you are, this job will help you have a source of extra income and even ensure a secure future for yourself.


The payment you receive for your work also depends on you. It should be noted that literary talent is not enough for successful copywriter’s work. You should also know the peculiarities of writing advertising texts, know exactly what text will be of interest to your audience and rank website higher in search rankings. If you are an amateur, don’t be frightened. You will be able to acquire copywriting skills and achieve success in this field. And to save your money on expensive training courses, Polyglot freelance platform for language specialists suggests you become acquainted with books that contain all the necessary information for future copywriters.


  1. “Copywriting of Mass Destruction” by Denis Kaplunov


Denis Kaplunov Copywriter PolyglotDenis Kaplunov is a popular copywriter. Before he started writing texts, he earned a degree in Economics and Law. For several years, he had worked in a bank where he mastered the art of negotiation and convincing. However, in course of time, he dedicated himself to activity he truly loves and started writing texts. In his book “Copywriting of mass destruction” Denis Kaplunov structured all the experience he gained. The author described the basic copywriting principles and gave many useful practical tips on how to write effective headlines, interesting introductions and texts to make people want to read it to the end. The book is exciting and easy to read. It is quite unlike boring tutorials which contain a multitude of terms and theoretical knowledge.


  1. “Copywriting: How Not to Eat the Dog” by Dmitrii Kot


Dmitrii Kot Marketing specialist PloyglotDmitrii Kot is a competent marketing specialist and a head of “Agency of sales texts”. This author broke the record for text efficiency, hitting the 20 percent mark. It means that every fifth reader became a buyer. This man, undoubtedly, has something to share with you. In his book “Copywriting: How Not to Eat the Dog”, Dmitrii Kot told about writing interesting and, most importantly, sales texts for websites, business proposals, print publications, etc. In every chapter, you will find interesting advice, keys and tips, words and techniques that you can immediately put into practice. If you don’t know how to start a text or write an effective appeal to buyers, than take this book, find a corresponding chapter and get the solution! This book will be your helper outer. By the way, Denis Kaplunov gained much knowledge from this book. You can find it in his booklist of recommended reading.


  1. “The Ultimate Sales Letter” by Dan Kennedy

Dan Kennedy multi-millionaire author marketing consultant advisor to entrepreneurial clients businesses PolyglotDan Kennedy is a multi-millionaire, author of seven popular No B.S. books, marketing consultant and advisor to entrepreneurial clients running businesses from $1-million to $1-billion in size. People pay thousands of dollars to attend his seminars. It’s no wonder because he has plot a vector of Internet marketing development for many years ahead. This man has a wealth of professional experience and knows how to convince people. He put his knowledge in the book called “The Ultimate Sales Letter: Attract New Customers. Boost your Sales”. Not everyone can afford to attend the seminars of this genius, however, anyone can buy his book or read it online. In this book he describes, step by step, how to write high quality letters for mailout, get customer’s attention with bright headlines, write screaming and effective post scriptum and attract as many website visitors and buyers as possible. Sales text is exactly what customers want from copywriters. The more effective texts you write, the more money you will earn and the higher demand for your services will be. So, put this book in your arsenal.


  1. “The Adweek Copywriting Handbook: the Ultimate Guide to Writing Powerful Advertising and Marketing Copy from One of America's Top Copywriters” by Joseph Sugarman


Joseph Sugarman author copywriter designer photograph marketing specialist PolyglotThe author of this book is a very popular copywriter, designer, photograph, marketing specialist and one of the most prolific ad men in the U.S. People often call Sugarman’s books copywriting tutorials, but not in literal sense. He transfer knowledge in the most entertaining way. “The Adweek Copywriting Handbook” is a book which will be useful for copywriters, freelancers, ad men and marketing specialists. In spite of the fact that the major part of the book was written long time ago, you can find chapters about modern copywriting in the age of the Internet. This book is beyond the time frame. You will be able to see that Sugarman’s tips on writing bright and interesting texts are still relevant and will continue to be relevant for many years.


  1. “Time Management for Entrepreneurs”


Dan Kennedy Time Management for Entrepreneurs PolyglotAnother book written by brilliant Dan Kennedy. We are sure that the above-mentioned books will help you get a lot of useful information about writing proper texts that will thrill your customers. The book we’re talking about will help you manage the most valuable resource – your time. This book is intended for people who are full of ideas and wish to develop themselves, for those who forge ahead and strive for success. As a rule, people of this category wish to take some more work. If you are always running out of time and bewail the fact that you have only 24 hours in a day, than this is the perfect book for you! Dan Kennedy is a person who earned millions of dollars. He always starts the dialogue with getting down to the heart of the matter, because he knows the cost of one minute of his time. With this book, you will find out how to avoid the Time Vampires who want to suck you dry, how to organize your day and have enough time to do everything, how to get rid of your daily routine and the tyranny of email and phone. This is an indispensable guide not only for copywriters, but also for workaholics and careerist!


We have selected for you the most popular, interesting and high quality books that will be the source of knowledge, inspiration and motivation for copywriters. This is not a boring theory, but practical guides provided by people who reached frontiers in the field of management and copywriting.


All the knowledge you get from these books you can immediately put into practice as a freelancer, sign up for Polyglot and be a successful copywriter! Wish you inspiration!

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