What Language is Considered to Be the Most Beautiful in the World?

Post Date: 20 Jul
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The question regarding beauty of languages turns out to have more than one correct answer. Linguists represent various ratings based on different criteria. When analyzing such ratings it is actually difficult to detect a certain tendency because the top places in this ‘beauty contest’ are consistently distributed between different languages in a most peculiar way. People who do not specialize in linguistics but use several languages in their conversation practice (for work, communication and self-expression) can select the most beautiful language to their liking being only guided by their internal sensations. When making top lists even non-professionals will be right on their own way.



This article as any other one on a similar topic shows sensations and preferences of a wide range of different experts and people who interested in languages and apply it in different spheres of their activity.


According to the rating based on the sounding of national songs, the top ten most beautiful languages is the following:


1. Estonian;

2. Swedish;

3. Turkish;

4. Macedonian;

5. Albanian;

6. French;

7. Bulgarian;

8. Icelandic;

9. Slovak;



As you can see in this list, half of ‘winners’ relate to Slavic group of languages (Macedonian, Albanian, Bulgarian, Slovak, Romanian). It should also be noted that the above-mentioned rating (as well as all subsequent ones) includes French (what can be defined as a certain principle).


According to the TOPTENS.com (rating was made on the basis of votes casted by users from more than 150 countries) Italian is recognized as the best sounding language, the second place goes to French and the Bronze worthily belongs to Spanish. The top list also includes English, Swedish, Japanese, Ukrainian (8th place) and Russian (10th place).



The Internet is awash with certificates of holding the conference in Paris in the early 20th century, where  the most beautiful and melodious languages were determined. International Jury representatives listened to the texts in various languages. In the result of a listening (by melodiousness and sounding) the places were distributed in the following way:


1. Italian;

2. Ukrainian;

3. French;

4. Turkish;

5. English.


Spanish, Greek, Portuguese, Russian and German also entered the top list.


There is a ‘beauty’ rating based on a writing criterion (typeface of characters). In this rating languages are placed in the following way:


1. Arabic;

2. Chinese;

3. French;

4. Japanese;

5. Greek;

6. Spanish;

7. Hebrew;

8. Russian;

9. Korean;

10. Italian.


Unlike top list of the most sounding languages, the mentioned rating represents more eclectic group. It can be explained by experts’ tendency to choose various exotic alphabets and writing styles as preferred ones.


Taking all the aforesaid into consideration it should be noted that French is considered one of the world’s most beautiful languages and Silver goes to Italian. In any rating you can find one or more Slovak languages (Russian and Ukrainian at most). Scandinavian also enter the top lists on a regular basis. It is not uncommon that many people think Japanese or some other language of Sino-Tibetan group is the most beautiful one.



Anyway, it should not be forgotten that the beauty of language (as well as any object, living being or phenomenon) is subjective almost at 100 percent. Generations of native speakers change, phonetic, grammatical and lexical peculiarities of languages alter, new dialects appear and the languages of ancient civilizations disappear. Such continuous changes stipulate the emergence of new concepts of language beauty as well as new tendencies of people’s language learning preferences.


P.S.: In my not-so-expert opinion, the most beautiful language (or at least one of the most beautiful ones) is your native language. I have ventured to suggest many of our readers will accede to this submission.

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