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Ukraine, Kiev
Russia, Nizhny Novgorod
Born in Czechoslovakia, then moved to Russian Federation. Studied biology in Lobachevsky State University in Nizhniy Novgorod. Worked as a teacher of information and communication technology...
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Mexico, Oaxaca
I love languages and all that is about them. My work is my hobby, and my hobby is my work. I am reliable, responsible and value your time. And I believe, that I can be the person you are loo...
Ukraine, Kiev
Репетитор английского, немецкого
09.2013 по наст. время (2 года 3 месяца)
Компания Ваш репетитор (Компания Ваш репетитор (профессиональное сообщество частных репетиторов) Помощ...
Brazil, São Paulo
Brazilian Portuguese
I'm a freelance worker from Brazil.
I can translate almost anything from English (and some other languages) into Portuguese
I have experience translating documents, webpages, ...
Ukraine, Dnipropetrovsk
Ukraine, Житомир
Предлагаем написание единичных текстов, серий статей, наполнение сайтов.
Мы - команда профессионалов и единомышленников. Мы сотрудничаем более полутора лет. Пишем тексты на любую тем...
Russia, Архангельск
компетентен во многих областях
качественно в срок любые объёмы
высокая скорость печати
русский. Копирайт
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русский. рерайт.
Ukraine, Смела
Опыт работы автором статей 5 лет. Успел за этот период поучаствовать во многих интересных проектах в интернете. Люблю путешествовать и успешно воплощаю их в реальность. Знаю английский язык...

High tech copywriting 


High technology copywriting is the comparatively new field of the art of copywriting. The modern technology is developing rapidly,  every day proposes something new. For this reason, the demand for high technology copywriters is increasing.



How to become a good copywriter?



First of all, good copywriters are regular readers. It means that specialists are interested not only in blogs and social media but in serious literature too. For example, deep time-tested books help to develop the sense of language and produce well-written and well-targeted promotional texts.


Dedication time to reading will help you to master new methods and techniques that improve your writing skills.

Opportunities in high-tech copywriting.

Many people whose occupations relate to writing move into the field of freelance copywriting for high-tech companies.

Technical writers in tech companies have an ideal position for studying processes, projects, marketing, and PR. However, apart from this knowledge, it is necessary to learn writing styles, documents’ formats and special writing techniques.

Technical experts have deep knowledge of technology. However, they have to develop writing skills.

Marketing specialists in non-tech companies should learn specific technologies before applying for the job of a high-tech copywriter.


PR and advertising agencies that are focused on tech companies

Technology companies hire writers in PR, marketing, investor relations and corporate communications departments.

Specialized editions and industry-focused press need copywriters for the web and printed editions. However, usually they hire writers with journalist degree and experience.

Freelance job for high-tech copywriters maybe the best option. Lingua platform Polyglot provides with professional service of

freelance copywriting. On the one hand, there is an opportunity to find an experienced writer. On the other hand, professional copywriter could find a lot of clients.


Who is a marcom specialist?



Technology companies for staff members who write marketing texts use this title. In big companies marcom specialists could be project managers who coordinate the work of PR department, agencies, printers, and designers.



What high technology copywriters do?



Usually, technical copywriters create texts for


  1. brochures
  2. white papers
  3. press releases
  4. proposals
  5. customer success stories
  6. sales Web content
  7. blog posts
  8. emails
  9. presentations

Copywriters should have an ability to write for a broad range of topics and projects. They could create content for video campaigns, email campaigns, online and traditional advertising. Furthermore, professional copywriters are involved in content strategy development. However, they should have the solid understanding of using different types of content.


How to develop high-tech copywriting skills?



Firstly, technical copywriters need have skills of research, planning, project management, analysis and interviewing. They have to write fast. Deadlines often express in hours. Furthermore, they need to create text in the first draft. Professional tech writers should write in different styles which compliant with corporative standards of


branding and writing style. Copywriter’s text should motivate people to do something or buy the product. Moreover, writings must be optimized for search engines. The ability to create improving texts for search engine rankings is an essential requirement for copywriters. Marketing writers should be creative because they provide different genres and forms of texts.

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