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How to find a professional copywriter or are copywriting services something incredible?


You own a website, and you desperately want it to rank somewhere above all of your competitors? Then, you need a professional copywriter. You have your business and want it to become visible in the internet, through social media, networks, probably, even a blog? Then you really need a good copywriter, preferably, a professional freelancer.


Who is a copywriter?


A copywriter is not a person, who copies the content, as many believe. A copywriter is a professional, who creates the content.


Moreover, when we speak about copy-writing, we mean creating a specific kind of content. Hence, being just a writer is not enough to be a copy-writer, and to find one is not such an easy task.


Where to find a freelance writer?


There are plenty of resources where you can meet both good and bad writers. But if you are not eager to waste your super valuable time and nerves, then you better try 2Polyglot.




If you compare with other similar resources, you will immediately notice some

advantages, which help employers to pick up the ideal service providers:


• You can setup filters, if you decided to hire a freelance writer from a particular country, or if he shall work in a particular language. This feature is developed to help you to save your time and efforts and avoid browsing in the longs lists of writers.

• You can select writer based on their specialization.

• You can setup filter depending on your budget and the price range, within which the writer works.

• And finally, after setting up all necessary filter options (such categories as business, high tech, medicine and health and many more) you can list the selected writers

depending on their ranking.


All these features allow you selecting the best writer, who works in the field you need, and who is ready to write for the budget you have available.


When you place an order, you will be getting many, sometimes hundreds of applications. Moreover, all will be claiming that they are the most professional writers ever. Hence, you shall know how to determine, if a writer is professional, or not.


How to tell, if a copywriter is a professional one?


There are some features, which characterise a good content, and if a writer can handle this small list, then he must be a good one.

1 – ability to write in a simple language about difficult things;

2 – ability to write in an interesting way even about boring things;

3 – be able to structure the content so, that a reader could grasp the idea within less than some seconds.

4 – be able to research, then he will provide reliable information.

5 – if we speak about SEO writing, then the writer shall know how to use the keywords, headings and subheadings and other things, specific for SEO writing.


Of course, you are not able to offer anybody an opportunity to try writing a test, moreover, not all will do it. That is why, if you don`t really like to spend your time for useless things, like assigning and checking tests, you better select candidates with proposals, not just those

who are bidding. A proposal means that the applicant read your requirements and is interested enough to write a personalized application. Then, do not hesitate to ask for samples. But still,

this is not always a guarantee that a particular writer is good enough, as even at this stage cheating is possible. For example, an applicant can deliver samples ordered from another person. Hence, a good idea is to ask for a short test, just to check if all complies with your expectations.

And for sure, you cannot pay to everybody who is making a nice effort, as some of them will be still useless. Hence, you can announce, that you pay for the test only if the applicant is assigned the writing job.


Once all stages are passed, you can finally hire a freelance writer and enjoy the unique high quality content.

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